High Impact Innovation Management

You company has great products to offer. However, you are under constant pricing pressure in an extremely competitive, crowded landscape of the semiconductor industry. Your customers are demanding higher and higher performance to meet the challenges of their global market place. High impact innovation management is the solution to create a better differentiation and rapidly accelerate the time to revenue and margin.This holistic approach powerfully combines the benefits of

Innovation process management - Empirical data suggests that ROI increases many fold by effective innovation execution. Increase your competitive advantage by a systematic approach in managing various elements and phases of innovation life cycle.

Integrated framework - Connect the various layers of product development such as SW, HW, platform, architecture, process and technology development. Understand clearly the trade-offs in managing business and technical risks.

Entire value chain - More than ever, suppliers, contract manufacturers and customers are becoming a vital part of your innovation process. Learn ways to integrate their inputs in to your strategies and make smarter product decisions

Tools and techniques - Learn some of the tools and techniques at various phases of the innovation process for a systematic analysis and decision making. Optimize your R&D pipeline to increase efficiency and productivity.

Continuous Improvement - For long term sustainability of results, it is important for a company not only to create a process that integrates its internal culture, but also must focus on continuous improvement as part of enhancing value to customers.

The workshop will feature real life experiences and best practices of using this holistic approach shared by industry experts.

Business Outcome:

Gaining the competitive edgeClear market distinctionIncreased profit and improved market share Faster time to market Optimum utilization of capital and other resources Higher ROI of development cost

Measure of success:Better articulation of customer needs Enhanced communication across the company Better organizational alignment to objectives Increase "value" and success probabilityMotivated and razor sharp focused teams

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